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“Modernism” [Letter to the Editor] David S. Clark

[1937. "Modernism" [Letter to the Editor] David S. Clark, The Presbyterian 107.47 (25 November 1937). p. 23] Modernism Modernism Editor The Presbyterian: In your issue of November 4, the first page and first paragraph quotes Thomas Reeve: "Christianity is a life. All...

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Audio Transcript 15. Irrationalism by Gordon H. Clark

AudioTranscript 15 Irrationalism [From the Gordon-Conwell Lectures on Apologetics, 1981.] Irrationalism “The morbid Dane illustrates the dialectical difficulties. The evaporation of one truth into another.” And of course you’ve heard this in your studies of theology,...

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More Questions on Barth’s Views

[1962. More Questions on Barth’s Views (Contributor). Christianity Today 5 Jan.] MORE QUESTIONS ON BARTH’S VIEWS   It had been hoped that Dr. Karl Barth himself would make some answer to the questions put by Professors Clark, Klooster, and Van Til (July 3, 1961,...

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Special Report: Encountering Barth in Chicago

[1962. Special Report: Encountering Barth in Chicago, Christianity Today, May 11, 1962, 35-36.] Special Report: Encountering Barth in Chicago The following is a report on the lectures delivered by Professor Karl Barth at the University of Chicago, April 23-27. Barth...

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Review of Portrait of Karl Barth

[1964. Review of Portrait of Karl Barth, by George Casilas, The Presbyterian Journal 30 Sep.: 18.] PORTRAIT OF KARL BARTH, by Georges Casalis. Doubleday & Company, N. Y. 133 pp. $.95. Reviewed by Gordon H. Clark, Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind. George Casalis is...

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Review of Evangelical Theology

[1963. Review of Evangelical Theology by Karl Barth, The Presbyterian Journal 8 May: 21.] EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY, by Karl Barth. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston. New York. 206 pp. $4.00 Karl Barth, in spite of the fact that his abhorrence of Hitler has blinded him to...

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